With risk of theft and vandalism construction site managers need the certainty their guards are punctual, reliable, trustworthy and effective. Our guards are vetted to BS 7858 to confirm at least 5 years’ unblemished history, with each being DBS checked and, of course, SIA licensed. In addition, we select guards with construction site experience, clear communication and common sense.

Where stipulated, security guards holding CSCS cards can be deployed. In addition, officers arrive prepared with full PPE including hard hat, hi-vis clothing and safety boots.

Site Security Guarding




Our highly trained dogs and licenced handlers provide a first-class security service. We ensure all our dogs are trained to the highest of standards to protect their handler, sites and themselves. Worked and trained in a variety of different environments including construction sites, events and vacant properties, we can ensure that our dogs and handlers can work efficiently and effectively.

We operate in line with the Guard Dogs Act 1975 and The Dangerous Dog Act 1991, ensuring that our dogs are under control and that appropriate warning signs are erected and visible at site entrances. Our dogs are transported in a fully liveried vehicle fitted with specialist dog transportation equipment.

Security Dog Unit




Our CCTV Towers are equipped with 15MP colour cameras, a two-way communication system and record 24/7

  • The fixed cameras allow 360° coverage from the tower so it captures and records all areas, at all times. The cameras provide colour image 24/7 with in-built lights to illuminate any intruder
  • 30 day playback of all camera footage. This can be accessed via the tower, our monitoring station and the mobile app
  • Two way live communication system allows the monitoring station to communicate with anyone entering the site

We have built the Rapid Deployment
CCTV Towers to be operational 24/7.
The towers are equipped with anti-vandal solar panels allowing them to run without power indefinitely. We also provide powered systems where permanent power is accessible.

24/7 Monitoring

The Rapid Deployment CCTV Towers are directly linked to our 24/7 monitoring station. Each deployment has a monitoring plan tailored to the Client’s requirements to ensure that the tower is monitored when needed.

This means that if criminality takes place,
it’s not just simply recorded, but responded to there and then.

Emergency services can be instantaneously deployed, increasing the likelihood of catching the offenders in the act.

Rapid Deployment CCTV Towers

Video Analytics

The CCTV recording module does more than statically record; it has built in video analytcs allowing the system to be set up to the
finest detail.

  • Human, Vehicle and Animal Detection – The recorder can differentiate between humans, vehicles and animals to prevent false alarms
  • Alarm areas are configured to ensure that
    if the camera covers a road or footpath,
    it will only alert when the selected area
    is breached.
  • Event searching allows specific actions to be recorded on a separate timeline. For example, footage can be compiled of people entering a site office or lockup.




Our independent and monitored solar powered single cameras can be installed where CCTV coverage is needed for a short amount of time on a smaller area. These require no power and are fitted to fixed structures or lamp posts.

temporary independant camera




Our independent and monitored solar powered single cameras can be installed where CCTV coverage is needed for a short amount of time on a smaller area. These require no power and are fitted to fixed structures or lamp posts.

Fixed CCTV Camera





Facial recognition access control systems contain a scanning device to identify a person’s individual physical characteristics, to verify whether they are authorised to enter.

Using facial recognition technology will enable your site managers to monitor how many workers are on site at any given time. They can, therefore, promptly allow or restrict site access and project deliverables can be achieved in a timely manner. Full reporting is also available with timesheet analysis and management reports. Head Office are able to live view and look back on staff and visitor attendance as well as linking multiple sites to one main control hub.

Our security experts can build your access control system into your existing site set up and offices as well as providing free standing turnstiles and stand-alone turnstile containers. These systems are commissioned to the exact requirements of the client and full training provided to on site teams.

Facial Recognition Access Control




Body Worn Cameras can be installed with
a site docking station that uploads and saves all footage from the cameras. Fully maintained hire packages available creating a seamless addition to site security, monitoring and promoting health and safety.

  • Live GPS Tracking
  • Head Office can remotely live view and playback body worn footage from one
  • log in for all cameras
  • Panic button to alert site managers
    or our monitoring station
    Harness to enable easy wear
  • 8 hours of battery and recording
    time per charge
Body Worn Cameras




EPS assists with clean-up, during and after building projects take place. This involves working in tandem with builders and construction trades to ensure health and safety procedures are always correctly followed.

We provide cabin, welfare, site office, toilets, exterior pressure washing, window cleaning and general site cleaning services to allow EPS to keep all areas of the building site clean. On completion of the build project
we can deep clean your site ready for client handover.

On site daily cleaning labourers are an additional service to keep your site clean and tidy throughout the day.

Site Building Cleaning

Working alongside your team ensuring work areas and the overall site is cleaned quickly and effectively.

The cleaning products, equipment and methods we use are always in keeping with site guidelines.

Our operation works 24/7 allowing us to service your site or premises without disturbing day-to-day operations.