Our Rapid Deployment CCTV towers are a great cost effective product and service to protect and secure construction sites, open spaces, highways infrastructure and events.

The CCTV Towers are equipped with three 15MP Fixed cameras, one 30x Zoom PTZ high speed dome Camera and a two-way communication system.

  • The fixed cameras allow 360-degree coverage from the tower so it captures and records all areas, at all times.

  • The PTZ high speed dome camera is set up to move and zoom in on movement triggered from the fixed cameras.

  • The two way communication system allows the monitoring station and the mobile application to communicate with anyone entering the site

Fully extended, the tower reaches 6.5 metres which creates a broad CCTV coverage so it is perfect for all locations

Each tower is equipped with a 4G multi-network router allowing remote access and monitoring of the tower 24/7.

24/7 Monitoring

The Rapid Deployment CCTV Towers are directly linked to our 24/7 monitoring station. Each deployment has a monitoring plan tailored to the customer’s requirements to ensure that the tower is monitored when needed.

This means that if criminality takes place, its not just simply recorded, but responded to there and then. In conjunction with our mobile response and key holding service, our team will be quickly on site to re-secure your premises and emergency services can be instantaneously deployed, increasing the likelihood of catching the offenders in the act.

Mobile Device Monitoring

All of our towers can be monitored through a mobile application using a 4G router inside the tower. This will be set up by our engineers on as many mobile devices you require on delivery of the tower.

You are also able to remotely move the PTZ camera from the app allowing you to move the camera around the site and zoom in where necessary.

Key Features

Cost Effective

With a 75% saving compared to manned guarding, the towers are a brilliant way to save expenditure without compromising on site safety and security.

With our team available 24/7 we are able to provide our wide range of security services quickly and effectively you can be assured that your site is fully protected by Elite Private Security.

Anti Vandal Construction

The base unit is constructed using galvanized steel with lockable doors and roof measuring at 2.5m high. The roof of the base unit is equipped with anti-vandal spikes to prevent the tower being climbed on and vandalised. To prevent the tower being pushed over and moved the tower has 4 stabalising legs and covers to prevent the tower being lifted by the lifting points once the tower is put in place.

Fully Maintained and Transported

We fully maintain the CCTV towers with our national team of engineers. We will deliver the tower to site, set up the tower and connect it to our monitoring station at the beginning of the hire period.

We understand that the camera can’t be fixed in the same position throughout the hire period so we will come and move the tower and re set up the cameras to another area of the site or we can transport it to another location if it requires moving.

This service creates a completely hassle free security system allowing your site to be protected without supplying extra time and resources.

During long breaks such as Christmas, we also provide a charging service to ensure the towers are always operational.

Battery Powered

We have built the Rapid Deployment CCTV Towers to be operational 24/7. We have equipped the towers with high-powered batteries allowing it to run without power for up to 4 days, for example bank holiday weekends.

The towers require charging through the day and typically take 6 hours to fully charge the tower meaning the tower can be switched off every night when the site is closed.

2 Way Communication

With a two-way communication device installed on the tower, it allows the monitoring station and mobile application user to talk to the site remotely. A great deterrent and remote communication link.

Video Analytics

The CCTV recording module does not just statically record; it has built in video analytics allowing the system to be set up to the finest detail.

  • Human, Vehicle and Animal Detection – The recorder can differentiate between humans, vehicles and animals to prevent false alarms
  • Alarm areas are configured to ensure that if the camera covers a road or footpath it will only alert when the selected area is breached.
  • Event searching allows specific actions to be recorded on a separate timeline. For example footage can be compiled of everyone who entered a site office or lockup.
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