Solution Summary

Our Solar Powered Rapid Deployment CCTV towers are a great cost-effective product and support service to protect and secure construction sites, open spaces, highways infrastructure and events.

Our CCTV Towers are equipped with 15MP colour cameras, a two-way communication system and illuminated warning signs with the cameras operating 24/7.

Each tower is equipped with a 5G multi-network router allowing remote access and monitoring of the tower 24/7.

  • The fixed cameras allow 360° coverage from the tower so it captures and records all areas, at all times. The cameras provide colour image 24/7 with in-built lights to illuminate any intruder
  • 30 day playback of all camera footage. This can be accessed via the tower, our monitoring station and the mobile app
  • Two way live communication system allows the monitoring station and the mobile application to communicate with anyone entering the site
  • The illuminated ‘CCTV IN OPERATION’ signs create a great visual presence and deterrent during the night. The illumination can be seen 2 miles away
Rapid Deployment CCTV Towers
Rapid Deployment CCTV Towers
Rapid Deployment CCTV Towers

24/7 Monitoring

The Rapid Deployment CCTV Towers are directly linked to our 24/7 monitoring station. Each deployment has a monitoring plan tailored to the Client’s requirements to ensure that the tower is monitored when needed.

Fully Maintained and Transported

We fully maintain the CCTV towers with our national team of engineers. We will deliver the tower to site, set up the tower and connect it to our monitoring station at the beginning of the hire period.

We understand that the camera can’t be fixed in the same position throughout the hire period. When required we will visit your site and move the tower and re-establish the cameras to another area of the site or we can transport it to another location if required.

This service provides a completely hassle-free security system allowing your site to be protected avoiding the cost of additional time and resources.

Solar Powered

We have built the Rapid Deployment CCTV Towers to be operational 24/7. The towers are equipped with anti-vandal solar panels allowing them to run without power indefinitely.

Mobile Device Monitoring

All of our towers can be monitored through a mobile application using a 4G router embedded in the system on site. This will be set up by our engineers on as many mobile devices you require during tower installation.

A useful attribute of the system allows you to remotely playback recorded footage and save to your device.

Independent Cameras

Our independent and monitored solar powered cameras can be installed alongside the CCTV Towers and fixed systems. This allows the CCTV system to cover even the most ‘out of the way’ areas and site entrances. These require no power and are fitted to fixed structures or lampposts relaying back to the CCTV Tower or Fixed System.

Video Analytics

The CCTV recording module does more than statically record; it has built in video analytics allowing the system to be set up to the finest detail.

  • Human, Vehicle and Animal Detection – The recorder can differentiate between humans, vehicles and animals to prevent false alarms
  • Alarm areas are configured to ensure that if the camera covers a road or footpath, it will only alert when the selected area is breached.
  • Event searching allows specific actions to be recorded on a separate timeline. For example footage can be compiled of people entering a site office or lockup.